“Never say a two-year-old is too young to learn! That child will prove you wrong every time.”
-Jackie Beach, Teacher

The best place to get an educational head start for your child is our two-year-old program. We focus on manners, socialization and classroom routines. However, it doesn’t end there!

We recognize that two-year-olds enjoy learning. PGDS encourages curiosity with an age appropriate, yet extremely fun academic curriculum. The teachers in the two-year-old classroom are experts in making everyday topics seem magical.

Our twos can attend the half or full day program MWF, T/TH or M-F.


"The imagination of a three year old can take you to endless places. Through play and learning, they are making lifetime friends!"
-Alison Haughton, Teacher

The teachers in the three-year-old classroom spend the year nurturing the children’s new sense of self and need for independence. At the very same time, the teachers encourage self-control and instill and respect for others.

The academic experience in the three-year-old room gives the children a chance to review the information covered the previous year and to further explore the information in a whole new way.

Our threes can also attend half or full days, MWF, T/TH or M-F.


"They are super go to school, hungry to learn, craving new ideas. They are incredibly open to do new things. You've got to love a four year old."
- Megan Quinn, Teacher

We cover everything from letters of laughter to limbo. This particular age group needs to be challenged, entertained and constantly presented the answers to all of their questions. Our curriculum manages to provide all of this.

The teachers in the fours pre-k program cement all of the knowledge previously gained into a well-rounded and useful education.

Our fours pre-k attend a five day program, full or half day.


“I’m almost ready to take on the world…almost!”

The PGDS TK program is perfect for situations where a child is not yet ready for kindergarten, but repeating is not an option. Our TK is also a great opportunity for children with fall birthdays to get a head start. This class provides an accelerated curriculum with the intention of preparing students for the challenges of kindergarten.

The TK attend five days.