PGDS believes a child learns best through experience. There is no right or wrong way to do an activity. Our teachers demonstrate and then the child is free to copy the example or create a new and unique outcome.

Our classrooms are set up for a traditional style of learning, where children are being educated while they are having fun. We provide a sound, safe and secure environment that will enable the child to develop both educational and social skills, promote self-concept, and encourage a sense of responsibility and an increasing sense of independence.

We are a non-denominational Christian school. This involves fun, kid-friendly bible stories, monthly outreach programs to help others in need, reinforcing moral values and celebrating Christmas and Easter through joyful and age-appropriate activities.

Our teachers have four-year degrees in Early Childhood Education or the equivalent.  Each has a deep passion for teaching and helping shape young minds. PDGS offers classrooms for 2-year-old Pre-K through Full-Day Kindergarten.  Additional programs include: EnrichmentSummer and After-Hours (Extra Innings).

We are a school that builds pride and respect for a great nation.